Monday, January 31, 2011

A Good Idea? Or More Government Waste?

In markets that are inefficient (or are market failures), government can improve the market..."fix it", if you will.

While most actions are more self-serving for the politicians, there are some externalities (both positive and negative) government can fix.  And do.

Case in point, "green fuel" research conducted by the single biggest consumer of petroleum products in the world...the US military.

The goal is to fix a negative externality...but isn't it supposed to be efficient also

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I do not think it means what you think it means

What we are seeing in Egypt is not necessarily a victory for democracy.  Why?  Well, I think there are un-democratic elements leading this violence, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood.

Power abhors a vacuum.  If President Mubarak steps down, especially if it happens too quickly, a power will fill that void.  My initial thoughts?  Probably not a good thing.  I think we would be looking at a hard-core islamist regime taking its place.  

The ally we've had, though an imperfect one, will no longer be.  Instead, a more hard line government that doesn't support our efforts.  

Hoping for the best, but like I say, hope is not a plan.


Yesterday, I believed President Mubarak was going to "ease" a new or transition government in.  Today?  Maybe not.  Holding on to the sinking ship?

Well, first one

Hey there.  Nothing special here yet, but stand by.  Could get interesting.