Sunday, January 30, 2011

I do not think it means what you think it means

What we are seeing in Egypt is not necessarily a victory for democracy.  Why?  Well, I think there are un-democratic elements leading this violence, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood.

Power abhors a vacuum.  If President Mubarak steps down, especially if it happens too quickly, a power will fill that void.  My initial thoughts?  Probably not a good thing.  I think we would be looking at a hard-core islamist regime taking its place.  

The ally we've had, though an imperfect one, will no longer be.  Instead, a more hard line government that doesn't support our efforts.  

Hoping for the best, but like I say, hope is not a plan.


Yesterday, I believed President Mubarak was going to "ease" a new or transition government in.  Today?  Maybe not.  Holding on to the sinking ship?


  1. Well, the left seems to think hope is a plan...or a catchy campain slogan at least.

    Love you Mr. Maximus...though I'm not sure if I can take "maximum" Skippy. The non-maximum Skippy has been more than I can handle!

  2. Noli prohicere maccaritas ad porcos...

  3. Mathew 7:6...did't know you still read the Bible! I agree.

    For you, Etiamsi omnes, ego non.