Monday, February 28, 2011

Accounting 101: The Income Statement

(Hat tip to Lex for the link)

My accounting professor would be so proud...of the fact I'm looking at an income statement in my spare time, not because the data brings a lot of comfort.

I love the fact that, as Lex mentioned, if you completely removed the Defense budget, you'd still be left with a deficit of $800 billion.  That's with a "B".

Save that little tidbit of information to use the next time a random hippie talks about the "massive, out of control military industrial complex" (they usually put something else in there about Hitler, racism, or about how all of life's problems are the result of something President Bush did).

While we should all be ready to trim the edges, as the Defense Department has already taken a lead on, we must...must...acknowledge the white elephant sitting in the corner of the room.  And eating everything we have.


  1. Simple, just start regulating Pot and put the hippies contributions in the pot on the left

  2. Externalities, Melind, externalities.

    Of course, as Cash pointed out, positive or negative? Depends on who you ask!

    Although, I think negative would outweigh any positives.

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