Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Agreeing with Lex

(H/T Neptunus Lex)

Is "openness" always the cure for what ails you?

But one wonders what Assange’s supporters think of this, in their studio lofts in the West End and Manhattan. Their tinfoil hats longingly tucked away inside their walk-in closets. Saint Julian is so keen to expose the secrets of a decadent West – what were they again? – that he’s willing to underline that exposure in the deaths of a few thousand Afghan rustics who dared to dream of a world where real, existential terror doesn’t rule both night and day...There’s a word for that sort of behavior: Sociopathy. One of it’s characteristics is the remorseless manipulation of others, and another is the sociopath’s lack of empathy for his victims. It’s clear that Assange lacks empathy for those he’d willingly cast into the flames. I wonder if it’s clear yet to his supporters that they – rather than having joined him on some noble quest – have been manipulated....I wonder if they’re self-aware enough to even care.

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