Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And How Does This Help?

In my first grad program, my thesis was on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  While I agree the continued settlement by the Israelis does not help (it hinders) a peace settlement, how does this help?

Seriously, do we think we'll make Arab friends by doing this?  Will they respect us more?  Is this a step toward a peace?  Nope.  Yet another inexperienced move. 

In yet another display, we show how completely random we are when it comes to foreign policy.  Makes it hard to trust us when we continue to move about in the world just looking to become more "internationalist".

Realism, baby.  It's the only good national security policy.

Just when it couldn't get more conflated, we decided against formally saying "it's bad" and now we're just saying, you know...well, not sure what we're saying.

See what I mean?

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