Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Review

Well, it's Friday, and to honor New York City's nanny state, I give you today's review:

The Dunhill Signed Range.  A nice torpedo size, 5 1/2" by 52 ring gauge.

My first Dunhill SR was smoked in Bahrain.  Gotta admit, after 8 weeks out at sea, everything was great.  But had a couple while I was there, and even my buddies admitted this was a great smoke.  I thought this was a Cuban when I smoked it, and learned after I returned back to the States that this was a Dominican.  The company has an interesting history, too.

Medium draw, medium burn (45min), and very smooth consistency.  Heavy nut with a little vanilla, medium spice (but not too much), and light wood.  Extremely smooth cigar with great construction....burned evenly with only 2 touch-ups.

I recently bought a box of these lovely sticks, and am anxious to smoke one.  Ok, I already smoked one.  But I violated a major rule...they must relax in the humidor after a week in the mail.  Wasn't the best smoke, but that's because they were stressed from being out of humidity for so long.

Overall, buy as many boxes of these as you can.  They are quite nice.

Thanks New York!

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