Sunday, February 27, 2011

See This Movie

Don't make any excuses, don't waste any time....see this movie (documentary).

Yeah, it's that important.


Wondering what the economic connection is?  Here you go.  "The mainsprings of development are the rule of law and a GOOD SCHOOL SYSTEM."

Quote, unquote.  Read and enjoy.


  1. Amazing movie that highlights the issues with teacher's unions, the public school system, and our failing system. I am currently investigating private schools to send my son to next year. The $6K/yr tuition is a small price to pay for a quality education.

  2. Another factor that should spur a community to bolster better schools is this: people, and in particular people with wealth, often choose where to live based on the availability of good schools. Better your schools, attract more wealth to your area...which attracts better businesses...more tax dollars...and so it goes on....