Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tahrir, Wisconsin

I earlier posted about how I thought the media was comparing the union strike in Wisconsin to the recent uprising revolution in Egypt...and how absurd that was.

Well, the media decided to make my job easier.  I really don't have to explain in depth at all...similarities, metaphors...he just comes right out and says it.

It's still absurd.  It's still unethical to make such a link.  This blog and other editorials are allowed to spout crazy assertions or ideas.  But the "main stream" media is held to a higher standard.  We go to them to "get the facts".  If we decide we want to form opinions, we go to opinion makers...or even better, we make our own.  I understand that, intentionally or unintentionally, opinions creep into the writing.  That's just human.  But to use the position of "fact giver" as a platform to editorialize...or worse, to unethical.

Again, until we start solving problems, we won't have anything to politic over.  Without being a union member, I can still appreciate the need for unions...and understand the historical reasons for needing them.  But I can not rationalize the union's assertion that "what's good for you is not good for us."  Is collective bargaining a "right"?  Or is it a privilege? Is it something that people cannot live without?  Or is it something that must be metered with economic reality?

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  1. Skippy - Our country is going broke and Unions are partially to blame. Regarding public employees: How in Gods name are unions legal when you are a public servant? If you are paid via tax payer money, it should be illegal to unionize. If you work for a private company, then union may legal, but should be ILLEGAL to force folks to join. We can't afford unions anymore. We can't compete in the globalized market and unions are partially to blame. America, time to wake up and smell the coffee; we need to change course and unions have driven this country in the wrong direction for 2 decades now. There initial premise was good: protect workers. Now its a greed fest to ensure that every worker is the same regardless of education - I call it a form of socialism. Yes, folks, socialism = unionization = socialism. The push in Wisconsin by the Governor took courage because it was necessary and not politically correct....Hopefully many more states will follow and hopefully it is successful. Unions and their political power need to be contained for the greater good of our Country's long term health