Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phase 4

I really hope that Phase 4--transition--has been well thought out and developed for Operation ODYSSEY DAWN.  This has been a classic deficiency of US military planning in the past, and hopefully we're not getting ready to make the same mistake.  If the intent is to never fully engage our forces in a classic Joint Pub fashion, what exactly is our mission?  And what is our role?  Whether you live by the Joint Pub or not, you still have to plan an endgame...what exactly is that?

So, what's the objective again?  Establishing a no-fly zone?  Ah, looks like there's a little more to it:

So, is the intent to protect the Libyan people?  Can't do that from the air alone...gonna need some ground pounders for that.

So, is it to remove Qaddafi?  Not so, according to VADM Gortney (Director, Joint Staff).  "We are not going after Qaddafi."  Period.  The Chairman, ADM Mullen said that the goals of the operation "...isn't about seeing him (Gadhafi) go."  Ah, ok.  That's Qaddafi's compound in the above picture, right?

So, what national security interests do we have in Libya?  Definitely can't be for oil...otherwise I would have heard the normal people screaming "no blood for oil" at the steps of the White know, cause they are very consistent people.

It's good to see the right questions being asked.  I still haven't figure out how to come down on this...the realist in me sees no reason to engage US military forces in Libya.  The reasons, all internationalist in nature, do not show a consistency of policy.  That is, if the reason we are engaging with military force is to protect people from their government, let's start working on the names of operations for:

Ivory Coast
North Korea

....just to name a few.  Plus, being used as the world's police reminds me of something...hmm...what could that be?

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