Monday, March 21, 2011

QE1 + QE2 = QE3 (and other complicated Econ math)

Some econ meat to chew on...enough is being circulated about Libya right now, and I don't believe in kicking a dead horse.  Unless, of course, the horse deserves it.

So, some Econ 101 and my new favorite dead horse to kick...the Fed.

Have you ever seen someone try and help so much that they end up causing more trouble than the original problem was to begin with?  If you don't remember my post on the Fed's decision to pull out of the bond market, you might want to go back and read that post again.  It's important to understand that the Fed hasn't always been so "in our face".  Some say Greenspan got too big for his britches (yes, Cash, I'm referring to you), and the Fed began chasing its tail around the economic backyard.

Whatever the case, interesting stuff.  Again, I like seeing that the questions are being asked.  The first step is...admitting you have a problem.

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