Friday, April 8, 2011

Civility Returns To Congress

Just kidding.

Seriously, are they sober?  If they are sober, with Representatives like this, it's no wonder our government is such a mess.  As mentioned in the last post, where are the adult conversations?  Is it impossible to have a debate without saying the other side are the equivalent of war criminals and Nazis?

Some call it hyperbole.  I call it unprofessional and bordering on dereliction.  We elected you to do the people's work.  Please put down the megaphone and do it.

Via HotAir...


  1. Okay, so my options for reactions are "funny" "interesting" and "cool". this some progressive thing where we don't want to hurt any feelings by having a negative reaction available, because I'd like to see "infuriating" and "blood shooting out of my eyeballs" as options.

  2. I'll look for a "blood shooting out of eyeballs" widget.

    Maybe they sell one at Amazon.

  3. Skippy, I agree with HJ71. You need options like "ARE YOU Fing kidding me?" This lady was the most absurd idiot I've seen in years. And she's an elected official. "equivalent to bombing civilians"...really? Really? AGAIN, Really?