Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Size Fits All

That is, according to the TSA.

Like all Americans, especially after 9/11, I too want to travel safely on airlines.  But I'm beginning to doubt the effectiveness of the TSA.  While I can not doubt the desire of the employees of the TSA to do their job effectively, I do doubt the rules than govern their behavior.

Case in point...the recent "pat down" of a 6 year old by a TSA agent.  As a people, and thus, as an institution (the TSA), we attempt to balance security with profiling, I think we're fail.  And why are we trying to balance the two again?  To prevent lawsuits?  So we're more worried about being sued than actually being effective in providing security?

Rhetorical question, of course.  I know the reality.  It's just sad that it's reality.

What's the next stop to get off the crazy train?  I'm tired of riding it.


  1. THIS IS WHY OUR COUNTRY IS FAILING>>>this is crazy. Lets search a little girl thoroughly...great idea. And if anyone thinks this adds to the overall security of the country, I've got news for you; it doesn't.

  2. I still can't believe the stupidity of this. As an adult, I had to be patted down after setting off the detector, it was no where near this level of handling. What were they thinking? Have they lost their minds??? A child, really?

  3. Maybe the TSA should train exotic entertainers in Vegas on how to do a "good" pat down.

    Happy ending, indeed.

    At least then, there would be a benefit realized for the public. Well, for the male public.