Saturday, May 14, 2011

$679 Billion In New Taxes Will Not Balance the Budget...

...but $1.5 Trillion in spending cuts will!!

Again, it seems the only answer for all of our economic ailments is tax increases.  "Oh, let's let the 'Bush' tax cuts expire, and only 'rich' people making $250,000 will see any increases in taxes."

(Side note:  I would like to make $250,000 a year one day, and I don't appreciate someone saying that my hard work should be 'rewarded' with having to pay more than my fair share)

Well, according to the Brookings Institution, that only raises about $679 Billion.  That should balance the budget, right?

No.  And my main point is not to, yet again, show that people who talk tax increases can not do math.  It is to show that this is a path to higher taxes for everyone.  The libs like to talk about only getting money from the rich, but mark my words...that $250,000 limit is just the opening act.  The real money is in the middle class.

You can huff and puff at your politically motivated reasoning about the Bush tax cuts, but 82% of the cuts benefited the poor, middle class, and upper-middle class.  Those are the facts, Jack.

And spending cuts.  If they don't happen, well, welcome to your new home in about 15 years.

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