Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun With Numbers

A frequent reader asked that I provide something more "uplifting" than my normal...we're all going to die comments.

Sorry.  Some other time.

With  no basis in fact, economics, or anything else, I just decided to play with some numbers.  Made me want to hang myself, but thought I would share anyway.

Say each branch of the government makes the "right" decision 9 out of 10 times.  Let's say that each of these decisions are know, mushroom cloud kinda stuff.

That's 90% or .9.  Pretty good...making the right decision 90% of the time is good in my book.  If you multiply each of the branches of government (probability of the right decision) together, that's
.9 (Executive) x .9(Legislative) x .9(Judicial) = .729.... 72.9%.

So, for those keeping score, there's approximately a 1 in 4 chance that our government, as a whole, will destroy humanity as we know it.  Cool.

Ok, so let's get personal.  How about the Senate?  Let's say that average Senator is right 90% of the time (I know, that's crazy, but I've been drinking).  But Senators alone can not pass a law in the Senate...requires 26 Senators for a majority.  Ok...

.9 x .9 x.....this is going to take too long, so in short form .9^26 (.9 to the 26th power) = .06, or 6 %.

So, as a whole, the Senate makes the wrong decision 94% of the time.  Ouch.

How about the House of Representatives?  Well, same rule...takes a majority, so 90% of 218...

.9^218 (.9 to the 218th power) = .0000000001058.  Ah, that's pretty small.  So, mathematically speaking, the House, as a whole, never, ever makes the right decision.  Hmm...

I could go on forever.  This is just way too fun...or too sad.  But, for that frequent viewer, I provide a little happiness.

The cop should totally give this kid a break...I mean, the kid has a sissy bar.  Must be for his ol' lady.

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