Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Volunteer (your money) State

Well, I guess the world is coming to an end...just not the Revelation seven seals way.

My proud southern neighbors have just turned closer to the nanny state.  In this case, part of Tennessee's law enforcement entity has taken a plunge into crazy town...crazy unconstitutional, that is.

Video it till the end.  Worth every second.  Short summation: the police can confiscate "large" quantities of money found in your vehicle.  No warrant needed, no probable cause, no arrest for anything unlawful.  Simply, if you have large quantities of money in your car, you're probably a drug dealer, so they'll take the money off your hands.  Won't charge you with anything.  And the kicker?  They will keep the money unless you take legal action against them.  And legal action against the government is so very expeditious.

Oh, and apparently there's competition between police entities for money grabs.  Gee, nothing could go wrong there.

You may be business friendly, Tennessee, but maybe you should reread the Constitution.

Very nice work work by Phil Williams of NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, TN.  I almost forgot there were still real reporters out there.  I will enjoy the follow-up story...if that "I won't ask you about the drugs if you just give me the money" doesn't scare the crap out of you, then maybe you know Vito Corleone too well.

Hat tip to Professor Henderson over at EconLog.

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