Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Justice Prevails

Boy, that's a headline worth noting these days.  Over at Neptunus Lex, Lex provides some great commentary on the Wisconsin supreme court's decision in regards to collective bargaining legislation.

Quote: "Irrespective on where you come down on the issue of public sector unions and collective bargaining...this is a welcome return to the notion of constitutionalism.  It's the role of legislatures to represent the will of the people, and the role of the people  to hold their legislatures accountable for their actions...Judges serve to interpret the constitutionality of legislation, not substitute their personal preferences for the peoples' expressed will."

BRAVO!!  As always, Lex says it well.  Read it all when you get a chance.

The system of government we live under works because we give certain powers to some and not to others.  When a branch of government usurps power, of which is not given by the people, it becomes harder and harder to take that power away...if not confronted.  The judicial branch is an odd one, indeed.  It is hard to confront that branch when they usurp power.  We the People have a very hard time making our voices heard in that arena, and I find that unsettling.  Some may say that politics should not enter the judicial arena through the election process.  But what happens when the judges bring in politics themselves?  What say do we have then?

I do not pretend to have the answer, but I do pose this question:  "If the judicial branch can void the will of the People, and if the judicial branch is not answerable to the People, who then holds the judicial branch accountable?"

There are very simple retorts to this question.  Those are not the ones you should think hard about. 

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