Friday, July 1, 2011

House of Cards

So let's sum up a little of the past couple of days.

California taxes the internet.  Good to see the California legislature still knows how to squeeze blood from a rock.  Side note:  I visited Colorado this past week.  Awesome state.  Roads are incredible, the place is very clean, and growth is the name of the game.  It's amazing when a state builds on production versus a state that builds on redistribution of wealth.  Colorado has no motorcycle helmet law.  I got to ride my uncle's amazing Road King with no helmet and no windshield through the foothills of Denver.  Strange that I would have to leave the state of California to find a place where you can live...liberally.  Note to California:  if you're having to make a law to control my life, you can not call yourself a liberal, ok?

Navy and Air Force aircraft are still flying hundreds of strike missions over Libya.  How many?  801 strike missions were flown, and over 132 dropped ordnance.  The administration refuses to acknowledge this fact in the public square, and has said that the U.S. forces are "only playing a limited support role."  Hmm.  I wonder how the squadrons are going to route the paperwork for Air Medals?  For all those crazies who said that "Bush lied, people died" you feel a little silly now?  Hope and change...yup.

Apparently, I'm a closet private jet harlot.  I don't want new taxes on the middle class, so I guess that makes me more interested in tax breaks for the corporate jet industry.  You see, according to the President, those who we need to raise taxes on (those who make over $250,000 a year), all ride private jets.  Gee, I guess the price of jets has reduced significantly from the millions I thought they costs.  Wait...didn't the President sign the tax break into law back in 2009?  Now the jet industry is the bad guy for accepting it?  Geez, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

The Secretary of the Treasury doesn't want the job anymore. I guess he's smarter than he looks.  The mice rats are jumping ship.

John Lennon was a Republican.  Imagine.

Harley Davidson released the new 2012 line-up.  Buy one.  Heck, buy two.  Can never have too many.  They do make such good friends.  And no, I don't have more pictures of my motorcycle than I do my daughter.


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