Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wee Willie Winky

Ok, so let's just get this out of the way before I go any further...

...all is well in the bedroom.  I have no problems being a man.  I am a great and powerful man.

Fine.  Ok then.

Anyway, a state senator from Ohio believes that government should regulate men's reproductive health, aka Viagra.  If it were up to Senator Nina Turner (hmm, would "Nina" be a woman's name?), men in Ohio who want Viagra would have to:

1. See a sex therapist.  (By the way, what a profession!  How would you like your first conversation of the day to begin with "How is your sex life?  Gettin' any lately?")

2.  Receive a cardiac stress test.  (So, even if you did die during sex, wouldn't that be the way to go anyway?)


Ohio Senate Bill 307 is not really a serious bill...of course, until it actually makes it through the state congress and is signed.  Then, of course, it's serious.

This bill is a counter-argument to regulating women's health.  I'll let the Senator speak for herself:

"Turner said if state policymakers want to legislate women’s health choices through measures such as House Bill 125, known as the 'Heartbeat bill,' they should also be able to legislate men’s reproductive health."

House Bill 125 attempts to limit abortion when a heartbeat is detected in an unborn child.  So, according to Senator Turner, regulating abortion is the same as regulating Viagra.


"A critic of efforts to restrict abortion and contraception for women, Turner says she is concerned about men’s reproductive health. Turner’s bill joins a trend of female lawmakers submitting bills regulating men’s health."

Tit for tat I guess. How very noble.

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