Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's Good for the Gander... apparently not good for the goose.

A press conference was held today by self-ascribed millionaires.  They were demanding Congress tax them more...since, of course, they are not taxed enough.

Yes, these folks are not happy that they already give up a third of their income.  They want Congress to take more.

Well, so be it.  How about giving it now?  We'll's a checkbook.

Oh wait...did they say voluntarily give more taxes?  Nope.  They want Congress to involuntarily take more taxes (not that taxes are voluntary to begin with).  But not starting with them.

After watching this video, I'm not too sure these guys are millionaires.  If they are, then I see something even darker.  Not only are these guys richer than you (and are probably pretty darn happy about it), but they also want something else they are not saying.

Power through tyranny.

I know it doesn't make sense initially, but think about it a while and then ponder, "Why won't these guys give up their own money voluntarily?  Why do they need Congress to force it upon others?"

Because these guys are in the minority.  The rest of the millionaires out there think these guys are lunatics.  And they are.

But there's only one way lunatics can get insane things done.

Through Congress.

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