Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dereliction of Logic

Logic: "A particular mode of reasoning viewed as valid or faulty."

Overkill: "To obliterate with more force than required."

Unjust: "something characterized by injustice"

Why the drive down Webster's lane?  Oh, I don't know.  A little linguistic foreplay before the "you gotta be kidding me" moments you are about to enjoy.

- 11yr old girl saves woodpecker from family cat.  Keeps bird in cage until well enough to fly away on its own.  US Fish and Wildlife officer finds out and shows up with a State Trooper at their front door with a citation and summons.  Feds fine the family $535 and a possible 1 year imprisonment for the girl's mother.  Story here.  Update: US Fish and Wildlife commission: "Oops.  Sorry about that...it was a 'clerical error'."

- Police in Coralville, Iowa, shut down a business they say was breaking the law.  The proprietor of the business was given a cease and desist.  The proprietor was 4 years old and the business was a lemonade stand.  Story here.

- Police chief in Midway, Georgia told a couple girls (saving up for a water park visit) to stop selling lemonade at their stand.  Police chief said that "the law is the law".  The law requires the little girls to buy a business license and food permit which costs $50 per day and a $180 per year.  They're going to have to sell a LOT of lemonade to make that profit margin work.  Story here.

You know, if the government is having trouble making budgeting cuts, I can recommend 3 "officer of the peace" positions that should be eliminated.  They seem to have too much time on their hands and a lack of perspective.

Rant complete.


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