Saturday, August 27, 2011


So, a CAT 2 is rolling through the east coast.  All storms are potentially dangerous, but...really?

Millions have been evacuated, and the storm hit with 85mph winds. Politicians are so worried about becoming the next "Katrina" mayor, they're forecasting the apocalypse if people don't drive to Kansas and dig a hole to live in.

"What absurdity?" you may ask.  Behold:

The President has manned the "hurricane command center", as if any decision he makes there will have any outcome on what the hurricane does.  Mother nature, Sir, is not beholden to the Executive Branch.  Who is able to make the best decisions?  Local officials there on the ground, or the President who is staring at a nice LCD monitor getting the info...from the officials on the ground?  To me, this is another perfect example of the trend of running to the federal government for all of our problems.  Hurricane coming?  Leave.  Board up your windows.  Mayors, call out the emergency personnel.  Why do we need the President manning a command center like this was the opening wave of WWIII?

Part of me wants to blame the media.  The media started this circus by describing this as the storm of the century.  Mayhem.  Apocalypse.  And no matter what happens, whether the facts prove them wrong about the intensity of this hurricane, there's a story to be told.  And the story is what sells.  So, sell, baby, sell!

Oh, the winds are only at 85 mph?  Hmm...oh wait!  A guy got killed by a falling branch!  See, we told you it was the worst thing in the world!!!  Are you still a little skeptical of the Skippy cynicism?  Behold:

Look, I really hope I'm wrong.  I hope our elected officials are right, and are making calls on what they truly believe are the rights things to do.  But something tells me it's not.  Something tells me this is grandstanding mixed with a lot of CYA.  Call me a cynic.  

When the mayor of New York and the governor of New Jersey say that staying behind is "against the law" and "are putting emergency personnel at risk", I get a little cynical.  Where is that law written?  There's no law against stupidity, if in fact these people are acting stupidly.  This, from a mayor who wanted to ban salt from restaurants.  No kidding.  And putting emergency personnel at risk?  Driving a car, swimming in the ocean, lighting candles in your living room, camping in the forest, hiking up mountains, flying, scuba diving, hand gliding...well, you get my point.  These are all risky actions, and they all have the potential to put emergency personnel at risk.  But they're not against the law.  

And that's why I'm cynical.  When things aren't logical, you should find the true answer in politics or money.

I think I found one, at least.

"Wal Mart, Home Depot, grocers get big boost from Irene."


Like I said, follow the money trail.  "New Jersey governor Christie expects storm damage in billions."  Hmm.  Wonder where the money is going to come from.  I wonder.

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