Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evil Is Real...And So Is Courage

As we recognize the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, many thoughts are brought forward.  We all have our stories.   9/11 means so very much to so many people.  Each has their own story, with each having a fundamental impact on their lives.

For me, it's a profound sense of sorrow and loss.  Yet, that feeling is shortly replaced by what is more fundamental--how we performed after being attacked.  I was on an aircraft carrier leaving the Persian Gulf (3 weeks later flying the first flights into Afghanistan).  It was hard for me, being that I thought I was overseas fighting the enemy...but it seemed the enemy was closer than I was to my homeland.  But, my fellow citizens proved that courage was much more common that I think many thought.

As people attempted to escape the flames of the Trade Towers, the firefighters and police charged into the flames.

As the walls of the Pentagon verged on collapse, Americans charged into the smoke to pull out fellow citizens, only to go back after they saved a life.

And aboard Flight 93.  True courage.  Common citizens displaying uncommon valor.  "At the moment democracy was under attack, our citizens defied their captors by holding a vote."

And that take back the plane.

As we acknowledge the loss, let's also acknowledge the courage and the vision that those in Flight 93 had.  Simply, we are a land of the free, and a home of the brave.  Simple and common words, until you actually have to live them.

We are a great nation.  We have in us a spirit that is not easily broken.  "We the People" should remind us that our nation is not our's supposed to be us.  We each make up the citizenry.

To those who say that America's best days are behind them, I say "Let's roll."

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