Monday, September 5, 2011

What Would You Do?

Let's play a game! Sorta like the TV series, we'll be playing "What Would You Do?" Skippy-style.  After I ask the question, take a moment to think about what you would do, then I'll give you the government's answer to all the questions.  Let's play!!

Question 1:  Your favorite ice cream company delivers their yummy products via trucks across the country.  The company finds out that one of their drivers is often drunk when he drives the trucks.  You think to yourself how many people that trucker has put at risk.  The company no longer allows the trucker to drive their trucks, but keeps the trucker in the company to do something non-driving related.  Did the company make the right decision?

Government Answer: No.  You violated the man's civil rights by removing him from driving.  You see, alcoholism is a "disability".  You know, the same as blindness, deafness, down syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.  Therefore, by removing him from his position (doesn't matter that you didn't fire him and kept him with the company) you violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we, as the government, are going to sue you.  We will sue you to reinstate the man as a driver again, provide him with back pay, and provide him with punitive damages.  Full story here.

Question 2:  California has a multi-billion dollar budget deficit.  It has some tough decisions to make.  For one, it has decided to close over 70 state parks.  For anyone that has been to California, they know that some of the most beautiful parks are located within the state.  What should the state do next?  Cut more from the budget?

Government Answer: No.  Actually, just the opposite.  You see, the federal government couldn't pass the DREAM Act because of a lack of support.  No problem.  California has plenty of support for illegal aliens....excuse me, undocumented, they'll pass the DREAM Act at the state level.  Even though they're having incredibly huge budget problems, the California Appropriations Committee has decided to spend $40 million via Assembly Bill 131.  This funds "Cal Grants", which would allow illegal aliens to collect public financial aid to spend for a college education. Story here.

Question 3:  The US Postal Service is going bankrupt.  As their costs grow beyond their revenues, the Post Office has recently closed 3,700 branches and eliminated Saturday delivery.  What could be causing the budget problems?  Labor.  FedEx labor costs are 32% of costs and UPS's labor costs are 53%.  The US Post Office's labor costs are 80% of all costs.  You see, the US Post Office has so many contractual issues with their employees (via labor unions), which include "no-layoff clauses", they are unable to control the costs of paying their people.  What should the Post Office do?  Re-negotiate with the unions?

Government Answer:  No.  Hey, Post Office.  We're going to bail you out.  Even though the American taxpayer is voting with their feet (via UPS and FedEx), we'll use taxpayer money to continue your unsustainable business model.  We understand unsustainable monetary models...we're the Federal Government.

That's all for today's game!  Hope you enjoyed today's frustrating results.  Excuse me, I must go give Office Depot more business.

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