Monday, September 5, 2011

Keynesian Socialist

What's the difference between a $14.7 Trillion debt and a $15.7 Trillion debt?

Maxine Waters.

Regular readers of this blog know my feelings about the Congresswoman representing South Central Los Angeles.  She's threatened to nationalize the oil companies (which reminds me of someone else), and has told a good number of voting Americans to "go to hell" due to their desire that the federal government live within their financial means.

There are many more reasons, but let's focus on the most recent.  Congresswoman Waters believes in the fallacy that if the government gives someone a dollar, they'll create $1.84 in economic stimulus.  The problem with this theory is that the government doesn't create wealth.  It has to take wealth, in the form of taxes, to spend on government programs.  Money taken in the form of taxes is wealth that could have been used to invest, create, hire, or spend in a free-market economy.  This is simply redistributing wealth not creating it, either telling how people should spend their money or simply making that decision for them.  She apparently doesn't understand this...or, she's a socialist and doesn't care.  Case in point, Meet the Press from this weekend.  She wants to spend a trillion dollars on a "jobs plan".

"I don't think he can have a program that simply gives more tax breaks to the very people who got us in this trouble in the first place."

You mean Congress?

Ma'am, let me introduce you to another theory.  The people in your district would be served better if you thought this way...and you would make less ridiculous statements on national t.v.

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