Monday, January 16, 2012

Are You Free?

It's sorta a rhetorical question until, actually start thinking about the true answer.

I'm not a proponent that the "government" is out to get us.  I truly believe that the "government" is filled with a high percentage of people trying to do a really good job.  I've met and worked with a lot of folks who work for the government and are true patriots.  That is, they want the best for the country and their fellow Americans.

Yet, good intentions pave the road to hell.

Our Founding Fathers knew this to be true.  They knew that absolute power, even in the hands of the best of people, eventually leads to tyranny.  This is why we have checks and balances.  It's why there is a divided government.  It's why it SHOULD be hard to pass legislation.

Take a look at the below clip.  While I understand the intentions of the Patriot Act, I also understand Judge Napolitano's concern over it.

And why the Affordable Health Care Act is unconstitutional.

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