Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun With Headlines

Headline 1:

"Chevy Volt Battery Fires Threaten All Electric Vehicle Makers, Not Just GM"

Headline 2:

"California Regulators Pass Emission Standards That Will Require One in Seven New Cars To Be Sold in 2025 To Be Electric or Zero-Emission"

So much for the free market and safety!  Even with huge cash incentives, people just are not ready for the switch...nor do they think its safe or makes economic sense.  Instead of letting the free market decide winners and losers, a "regulatory" board decides for us.  You see, central planners always have a better idea of what's good for the consumers and for the environment.

Until they don't.

"Solyndra Bankrupt: Department of Energy rushed federally backed loans to company--taxpayers lose $528 million"

Don't forget, if you think the government is all powerful and knows what's best for the environment, just remember who routinely exploded atomic weapons on our own soil.

"Wow, just got windy out here Bob!"

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