Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heads and Tails: Headlines

Thought you might like me to sum up some headlines from the past few days.  I'll present them using a heads/tails format.

Heads:  California seeks bridge loan to pay bills (they're broke, by the way).
Tails:  Governor of California signs DREAM Act allowing illegal immigrants to receive college loans.

Heads: President Obama issues televised speech deploring the House and Senate to compromise on a budget bill to prevent default on US debt.
Tails: President Obama says he will veto any compromise bill from the Republicans that passes the House and the Senate.

Heads: Politicians from San Francisco argue for Gay rights across America.  People should be free to choose their lifestyle and not be punished for it.
Tails: San Francisco bans Happy Meals because they aren't good for you, or you just don't know any better.

Heads: "A key component of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) enforcement mission is the tracing of firearms on behalf of thousands of Federal, State, local and foreign law enforcement agencies." (www.atf.gov/statistics) The ATF just offered $3000 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those persons responsible for a burglary and theft that occurred in Pryor, Oklahoma.
Tails: Federal agents of the ATF can not account for more than 1,000 firearms smugglers bought...from ATF agents!! (Sorry, had to include exclamation marks on this one--Operation Fast and Furious.  Just Google and prepare to weep...the family of the border officer killed by one of these guns is.)

Heads: We should not jump to conclusions about whether Nidal Malik Hassan's faith had anything to do with him shouting "allah akhbar" before gunning down 13 people, nor of the Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad.  We should not jump to conclusions about whether religion had any motivation in these terrorist acts.
Tails: In Oslo, ABC details that the police are questioning the "Right-Wing Christian" over the weekend massacre.  Washington Post "On Faith" contributor blames Christianity for Oslo bombing and shootings with an article titled, "When Christianity Become Lethal."

Heads: In a speech to La Raza ("The Race") President Obama makes "joke" about wanting to change laws by bypassing Congress, but adds, "but that's not how our system works."
Tails: Military action continues in Libya, with US forces providing direct and indirect support.  President Obama said that he doesn't need Congressional authorization to use the military in Libya.

It is...to weep.  I'm turning off the news, and watching some Sponge Bob with my daughter.  

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