Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not An Expenditure Problem?

There are still those who argue for a "balanced approach" to solving our national debt problem.  That, of course, is just code for raising taxes.

While I agree that simply doing the math equates to increasing revenue and decreasing expenditures, I also agree that there comes a time when a stand against wasteful spending must be made.  This is that time.  I also believe in compromise, but I believe in compromise that improves our future.  I don't believe in compromise that simply kicks the can down the road, increasing the size of the mess to be tackled at a later time.  At a certain point, the mess gets just too big, and very bad things happen.  Just ask the Greeks.

The cuts in expenditures need to come from the areas we spend the most money in AND the areas that are increasing as a percentage of GDP.  Those would be Medicare and Social Security.  Defense cuts have already begun and will continue.  It's time people felt less "entitled" to what government has led them to believe as "entitlements".

And why is it so hard to believe the politicians will do the right thing in this debate?  Well, in a time when people are losing jobs, facing shortfalls, and facing insecure futures, some politicians argue that money has to be spent on Poetry for Cowboys.  Yup.

Giddy-up little doggies, we are in the best of hands.

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  1. Wow...what I find weird and fascinating is that I had no idea people who do not attend Cowboy Poetry festivals cease to exist. How long before I "poof" from the face of the earth? This is tragic!