Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Not Sold

Count me in the 20%, Mr. President.  Today the President said that the debt limit debate is purely ideological...there is nothing else concerned in the debate.  He said that the American people are "sold" on a tax increase.  Really?  I believe that government does not have a revenue problem...the government has an expenditure problem.  Why do I say this?  Behold:

I can't believe the leader of the free world would say that "the American people are sold...the problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically..."

The President thinks that Congress is not reflecting the "will of the People".  Really?  

Do you feel you don't pay enough in taxes?  Sales tax, gas tax, utilities tax, payroll tax, state income tax, federal income tax...I could go on, but if you think you keep more than 50% of your income, you have a darn good tax accountant or are oblivious to tax reality.

We are in a very precarious that could have been avoided.  Both the Republicans and Democrats have spent too much of our nation's wealth.  But there is another side.  Americans have consumed too much of our wealth.  Our Constitution specifically gives the mandate for the federal government to protect us.  I get spending on national defense.  There are people who believe we spend too much on national defense.  To those I say, you need to walk the earth a bit more.  There are real dangers out there, and I've seen them.  Those people might also say that we continually spend more and more on national defense.  While that is technically accurate, it is also very misleading.  We continually spend more on everything.  Everything.  The economy grows, and so does our spending.  So, to solve this issue with pictures, here you go:

You see, while we've been spending more, we've been spending less as a percentage of what we spend on everything else.  Look at the red line...that's what we spend on defense as a percentage of GDP.  Does that look like a line that is causing our national debt crisis?

What do you see here?  Defense going down, social security going up, and Medicare going up through the roof.  And don't forget about the net interest from our debt.

Mr. President, it's not about the revenue.  It's about the expenditures.  Government is a growing beast that needs to be fed...and it keeps getting bigger.  It keeps getting bigger because people see the government as a solution to all their problems rather than relying on themselves.  We term safety nets of Social Security as "entitlements" if we are literally entitled to that money.  How perverse!!  We're slowly slipping into socialism...maybe something worse.  And Mr. President, the opposition you face is cold water being slapped in the face of this growing socialism, not something racial, as the "esteemed" Congresswoman from Texas might think.  

No, don't count me in the 80%, Sir.  Count me in the 20%.  I guess I'd rather face facts than reelection.

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